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TORNG CHAU PLASTIC CO., LTD. is a leading manufacturer of plastic hosepipe with the roots firmly established in Taiwan since 1980 dedicating to produce many kinds of hosepipe to meet the requirements of agriculture, poultry, fishery, industry, construction, air-conditioning or ventilation, household works and general uses.  All hosepipes are very flexible for the convenience of use and storage.

Farming hose makerWe have continually cultivated this business of hosepipe by expanding the manufacturing capabilities with collaboration.  With a receptive mind of innovations, we are pride of producing and supplying full range of sizes for every product - HOSE.  Mass production can lower the cost, competitive price with good quality and punctual delivery are then assured.

We also like to produce the orders for customization of hosepipes (colors, sizes, different lengths, OEM/ODM) and are pleased to be at your best service.  Don¡¦t hesitate to contact us by e-mail at any time!

Factory website: http://www.unihose.com.tw
E-mail: sales@unihose.com.tw
E-mail: hose@ksts.seed.net.tw

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